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2022 Appathon for Good Inspires New Technologies

Oct 11, 2022 robert's Blog

Appathon winner Cindy Xiao, age 14.

Appathon 2022 winner Cindy Xiao and other winners submitted apps that varied widely in the ingenious ways they solved real-world problems — from accessing public databases in real time to using artificial intelligence to count items captured by a camera phone.

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Appathon 2021 Winners Take Aim at Mental Health, Traffic, Zombies, and More

Aug 29, 2021 robert's Blog

The Vividly mental-health app.

Over a thousand coders built phone and tablet apps to fix problems in their lives and communities. Submissions reflected all the problems and anxieties of 2021, and a few are ready to be adopted right away to address these problems.

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