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Congratulations to March’s Young Inventor!
Train to Hogwarts
by Ayush Sankaran

9 year old 4th grader Ayush from India created this quiz app to help review the contents of the Harry Potter literature in a fun and engaging way for children. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Congratulations to March’s Teen Inventors!
Working with prime numbers
by Elien Van Clemen

16 year old high school student Elien from Belgium created this outstanding app to share her fascination with prime numbers. We hope that the users of Elien's app will enjoy exploring intriguing topics such as prime factorization, twin primes, Mersenne primes and prime deserts.

Ava AI
by Aanis Ali Shah

15 year old 9th grader Aanis from India created this amazing app to learn how to emulate a basic voice driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent like Siri or Alexa. In the app you can even ask the AI to set up a Tic-Tac-Toe game for you.

Congratulations to March’s Adult Inventor!
by Tunay Guven

35 year old Turkish officer Tunay created this versatile Statistics app to help users perform many elaborate Statistical calculations. If you are studying Statistics you will want to take a good look at the capabilities of the app Alphast.

Congratulations to February's Young Inventors!
My Carbon Impact
by Medhansh Mehta

12 year old 7th grader Medhansh from India, created this astonishing app to help families track their carbon footprint, generated from daily activities. He says that the app "holds up the mirror to us and opens our eyes as to how much Carbon each of us are individually generating on a daily basis."

by Ksenia Zhabitskaya

9 year old 3rd grader Ksenia from Russia created this fantastic multiple context app to test the user's knowledge in a variety of subjects. The user creates their own database of pictures (questions) and words (answers) and then the application provides an interface to test one's knowledge in the subject area chosen. What a wonderful example of abstraction in Computer Science, Ksenia!

Congratulations to February's Teen Inventors!
Learning Numbers by Drawing
by Shahd Alzughbi
16 year old Shahd from Gaza Palestine, who loves teaching children, created this lovely app to teach the numbers to kids 2 to 5 years old by coloring beautiful pictures. She dreams of being a succesful programmer in the future but we think she is already great at it.
Infinity War
by Bailey Harrell
17 year old 11th grader Bailey from the USA, loved the movie Infinity War and was inspired to create this impressive game app where the user plays as Thanos and is tasked with collecting all the Infinity Stones while fighting many characters from the movie and experiencing many twists and turns!
by Arnav Aggarwal
15 year old 10th grader Arnav from India, created this wonderful app to share his love of music with people and to allow them to listen to online and offline music anytime on their phones. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.
Congratulations to February's Adult Inventor!
Las Huecas De Mi Barrio
by Roberto Gabino Camana Fiallos

40 year old systems engineer Roberto from Ecuador is passionate about creating mobile technology to address social needs and created this delightful app to highlight some of the local eateries and cafes in his hometown.

Congratulations to January’s Young Inventor!
Recycling Game
by Mahika Bihani

11 year old Mahika from Singapore created this lovely app for young children to spread awareness about saving the environment by recycling. She wants everyone to care for the environment, and thinks that children need to show grown-ups what they've done.

Congratulations to January’s Teen Inventors!
Space Fight 2.0
by Christopher Hoppe

16 year old high school junior Christopher from the USA created this app as a follow-up to his earlier version of the game. It adds increasingly more difficult levels to the game.

Galvanic Cell Simulator
by Albaraa Jadallah

17 year old high school senior Albaraa from United Arab Emirates created this fascinating app to help teach students about the underlying processes of galvanic cells, a topic which is traditionally considered difficult in Chemistry classes.

Congratulations to January’s Adult Inventor!
by Abraham

Abraham, an engineer from Mexico, created this wonderful app to help people learn Spanish vocabulary. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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