App of the Month Winners

IMPORTANT: Submissions for App of the Month have closed for 2022. The competition will be continued in 2023 by the App Inventor Foundation. More information on this transition will be available early 2023.

Congratulations to December's Young Inventor!
Wake Me Happy
by Aastha Kini

Aastha (age 10) from India has accomplished the impossible: an alarm clock that actually sparks joy. Her app asks you to start the day with such questions as "What are you looking forward to?" and "What are you grateful for?" Only once you complete this short, uplifting quiz can you quit the app!

Congratulations to December's Teen Inventor!
Quick View Homework
by May Lynn

Thirteen-year-old May, from the US, saw a problem with her class's homework tracking system: Kids had to scroll through a long spreadsheet just to see their own assignments. It was a pain, and probably an invasion of privacy for everyone in the class. So this coder built an app that pulls only your own assignments into a personalized app screen. With a beautifully designed home page and some tricky Google spreadsheet queries in her code, May's solution has style!

Congratulations to December's Adult Inventor!
Niss War 3
by Szy

Szy has done it again! The mechanical engineer from Taiwan has completed the part three of his epic strategy game, set in a medieval land named Niss. Can you allocate your knights and other resources correctly to win? Check out this intricate and rewarding app in the App Inventor gallery (linked above) or search for it in the Google Play store.

Congratulations to September's Young Inventor!
Race Game
by Muhammad Dhiaulhaq Mujiburrahman Aditama

Muhammad (age 12) from Indonesia created this enjoyable arcade-style game in which players race on streets filled with passenger cars, police cars, ambulances, and (inexplicably) singer Rick Astley! He accomplished some challenging coding to create this exciting app. Great work, Muhammad!

Congratulations to September's Teen Inventor!
Trash Toss
by Tess Reynolds

Tess (age 14) from the US carefully coded this environmentally conscious game for her Girl Scout project. At the start of the game, different types of trash appear and the player swipes them to the bin where they belong -- trash, compost, or recycling. We even learned something while playing this game (who knew shredded paper should be in compost and not recycling?) Keep making great apps, Tess!

Congratulations to September's Adult Inventor!
Noise Reduction QA
by Fujio Yamamoto

Professor Yamamoto from Japan has created this app that uses quantum annealing, a type of quantum computing, to reduce noise in images. The app, which runs on most mobile devices, lets you experience the processing of a quantum annealing machine that is different from existing computers. Dr. Yamamoto would like to thank Dr. Masanao Yamaoka of Hitachi, Ltd., who developed the CMOS annealing machine, for answering various technical questions.

Congratulations to May's Young Inventors!
Singapore Bingo
by Geng Qi Tan and Theodore Nguyen

Geng Qi and Theodore (ages 10) from Singapore created this fun app to show people some of Singapore's exciting attractions in the form of a game. Keep up the great work gentlemen!

Match Chart Maker
by Muhammad Dhiaulhaq Mujiburrahman Aditama

Muhammed (age 11) from Indonesia created this intriguing app to make organizing of competitions easier for people. We hope you will find this visualization tool as interesting as we did.

Congratulations to April's Young Inventors!
On Your Birthday
by Gordon Lu

Gordon (age 12) from Hong Kong, inspired by SteveJG from our power user community, created this fun app to cheer up his classmates. You enter a birthday and the app finds all the famous people in Wikipedia with that same birthday. We think you will also find this app very intriguing.

Memory Game
by Saanvi Wadhera

Saanvi (age 12) from India created this fun app to boost the memory of the user in the form of a game. It took us a while to master this game and we hope you will also enjoy playing it.

Congratulations to March's Young Inventors!
Fern App
by Shalani Perera and Zoe Martinez

Shalani and Zoe (ages 12) from the USA care deeply about the environment and created this app to help people keep track of their carbon footprint. We cannot wait to see what next they will produce.

Time Line
by Misha Vohra

Misha (age 11) from Singapore created this fun game app that challenges the user to improve their sense of timing. We hope you will find it as enjoyable as we did.

Wikipedia Search
by Gordon Lu

Gordon Lu (age 12) from Hong Kong, inspired by SteveJG from our power user community, created this exquisite app to simplify Wikipedia searches on mobile devices. Way to go Gordon! Keep up the fantastic work.

Congratulations to March's Teen Inventor!
Edu Kids
by Tanisha Thaosen

Tanisha (age 13) from Indonesia cares deeply about education of children and has created this thoughtful app to help educate 3-5 year olds. Keep up the lovely effort, Tanisha. We look forward to the next versions of your educational app.

Congratulations to February's Teen Inventors!
Pickle-The Restaurant Picker App
by Stephen Tine

Stephen (age 13) from the USA created this app to assist his family in deciding upon a restaurant to visit when they can't easily pick one. We love it when we see apps that help people in their daily lives. Keep up the fantastic work Stephen.

Very Mad Libs Pro
by Sreecharan Chakka

Screecharan (age 13) from India created this app to share his love for Mad Libs with others. We hope you have as much fun as we did exploring the many possibilities of this app.

Congratulations to February's Adult Inventors!
Planes vs. Copters
by Alex Feinstein

USC student Alex from the USA says that even though MIT App Inventor is an educational tool marketed towards teaching new developers, his app shows that it is possible to build very elaborate mobile games using the platform. Way to go Alex!

Three Kingdoms 1
by Szy

Szy is a mechanical design engineer from Taiwan who loves to make strategy games in his free time. This app is also available in the Play Store. Truly mind boggling!

Congratulations to January's Adult Inventors!
by László György Pál

László György from Hungary is retired teacher of physics and chemistry and he created this interesting app to help people who are learning or teaching chemistry. We hope you will find it as intriguing as we did.

by Chayan Mitra

Chayan from India is a self-taught app developer and he created this versatile app to have fun and to have many tools available in one place on his mobile device. We hope you will enjoy this swiss army knife like app and find it useful.

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