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Congratulations to May's Young Inventors!
Speakulator - The Speaking Calculator
by Srikar B.S.S

Srikar is a 10 year old from India who saw that many people around him didn't know how to pronounce large numbers. So, he created an app that can do just that! We hope you try it out!

Factor Finder
by Ayushmaan Mishra

11 year old Ayushmaan from India created this easy-to-use app to help others find factors quickly and sharpen their math skills. We bet this app can find all the factors of 5232 faster than you can!

Congratulations to May's Teen Inventors!
Fun With Lenses
by Bethany Chow

Bethany is a 15 year old student from Hong Kong who loves physics and wanted to share her passion with others. She created a wonderful survival game that has well-crafted applications of physics. You won't want to miss this one!

3DRayCasting Target Shooter
by Maxim Jovanovic

16 year old Maxim is a sophomore from the US who created a mathematically complex 3D shooter game using a ray casting method. See if you can give it a shot!

The Plastic Continent
by Kloe Avelar and Ava Garcia

Kloe and Ava are 13 year old 7th graders from the US who originally created this app for a class project, but decided to take it one step further. They display helpful information about our ongoing plastic pollution problem. See if there's something new you can learn!

Congratulations to May's Adult Inventors!
by George Vakalis

George Vakalis is an IT school professor from Greece who specializes in teaching students with special needs. He created this game to show the beauty of diversity and his designs cast light on the autism community.

Angel Legion 2
by Szy

Szy is an engineer from Taiwan who likes to make strategy games in his free time. This app is one of his creations, and is also available in the Play Store. Truly amazing!

Congratulations to April's Young Inventor!
Medi Smarty
by Krishna Raghavendran

11 year old Krishna is a 6th grader from India. He created this app to help everyone maintain a healthy life by tracking all of your health information in one convenient spot. We especially love how the app can remind you if any medication you're taking is running low. Try it for yourself!

Congratulations to April's Adult Inventor!
by Ioannis Tsimpinos

Ioannis is a school teacher from Greece and he created this staggeringly educational app to help teach students math. If you're a student, you definitely shouldn't pass this one up!

Congratulations to March's Young Inventors!
Math Quiz
by Ananya Telrandhe

12 year old Ananya is a 7th grader from India who created this handy math quiz app. She hopes to help us improve our multiplication skills with this fun app. Complete all 10 levels to keep your brain active and become a math master!

Math Magic
by Rishabh Karthikeyan

Rishabh, 11, a 6th grader from India, created this app that uses simple algebra to inspire people to create apps and learn math. Truly inspirational!

by Sairam Sunthar Senthilnayagam

Sairam is a 9 year old 4th grade student from India, and he created this app to be an encyclopedia of monsterverse characters because he was interested in knowing about Godzilla. What monster you like to learn about? Check it out in the app!

Congratulations to March's Teen Inventor!
Slither Crab
by Mehar Dheer

13 year old Mehar from India wanted to raise awareness for pollution and created this game where you can save marine life from different types of pollutants. We hope you give it a try!

Congratulations to March's Adult Inventors!
by Thorsten Laube

Dr. Laube from Germany created this addictingly fun pearl diver game where you try to maximize your score by placing tiles on a game board. Our high score was 30. Can you beat that?

Enjoy finding out Hamiltonian Cycles
by Fujio Yamamoto

Fujio Yamamoto is an emeritus professor from Japan who made this complex app that solves the Hamiltonian cycle problem for a given graph. It's complex yet comprehensive, and if you've ever wanted to learn about Hamiltonian cycles, this is a great place to start!

Congratulations to February's Young Inventor!
Tile Calculator
by Madhav A Nair

Madhav, age 12, a student from India, created this astonishingly complex app to help users estimate the tiles, pavers, or planks needed to cover an area. He hopes that he can encourage people to do more DIY tiling projects. Looks like it's time for all of us to get to work!

Congratulations to February's Teen Inventor!
Hangman Game
by Rishab Arora

13 year old Rishab from India loves to code and wanted to create an app for his favorite game: hangman! We certainly love playing it, and we hope you will too.

Congratulations to February's Adult Inventor!
Guess the number
by KN Loh

KN, a teacher from Malaysia, created this simple game just for fun. You can play alone or with a friend, perfect for any time of day.

Congratulations to January's Young Inventors!
by Aarna Divya

8 year old elementary school student Aarna from India created this emergency app so that anyone in danger can ask for help. Keep up the fantastic work Aarna!

Lingo Land
by Ayush Sankaran and Jashith Narang

10 year old 5th grade students Ayush and Jashith from India created this amazing language app to teach Sanskrit and Spanish. Their integration of the app with Scratch is very impressive. Bravo!

Congratulations to January's Adult Inventor!
by Alan Do

Alan, an R&D advisor from Canada, created this versatile app to monitor heart rates during sleep utilizing an Arduino UNO and Bluetooth technology. We are always amazed to see new and different ways App Inventor is being used.

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