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An unprecedented opportunity for Computational Action

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2022 Winners
Congratulations to May's Young Inventors!
by Gordon Lu

Gordon (age 12) from Hong Kong created this exquisite educational app to help students spend their holiday during the pandemic wisely while learning something meaningful. The latest wave of the pandemic caused schools to close in Hong Kong and to shift the summer holiday to April. We hope you will find this thoughtful app as much fun as we did. Bravo Gordon!

Settler Dice
by Sherlock Chu

3rd grade student Sherlock (age 8) from Hong Kong created this fun app to solve a practical problem his family faced while playing the game Settler of Catan to pass time during the pandemic. We are impressed with Sherlock's progress in learning programming and look forward to his future projects.

Merged Games
by Peres Lam

Peres (age 10) from Hong Kong created this app to have some fun during the difficult months of the pandemic and hopes that others will find the games in his app enjoyable. Way to go Peres and keep up the wonderful effort.

Info Covid-19
by Emily Shum

5th grader Emily Shum (age 11) from Hong Kong used her time during the school closure in Hong Kong to create this versatile app to provide information and help people all around the world in their daily challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking forward to your next projects Emily!

2021 Winners
Congratulations to May's Young Inventor!
Go Corona Go
by Tanisha Thaosen

Tanisha is a 12 year old 7th grader from Jakarta who wanted to combat mental health issues induced by the pandemic. She created an app that provides facts, dispels myths, and allows users to meditate. We hope you give it a try!

Congratulations to April's Teen Inventors!
Corona Exit
by Apostolou C., Vasileiadis I., Garnaras T., Gourmpaliotis E., Zai G., Zisopoulos D., Karadimas A., Karantakos P., Katsiamanis C., and Kostakis C.

Students from the 1st Vocational and Technical High School of Trikala, Greece came together to create this app that allows you to use SMS to instantly contact 13033 in Greece (needed for permission to leave your home). Their aim is just to help their communities waste less time. We love seeing larger teams work well together!

Congratulations to January's Young Inventor!
Giving Goodness
by Tanisha P. and Nishita C.

11 year old 6th grade students Tanisha and Nishita from the USA created this wonderfully thoughtful app to increase awareness of donation locations in their state during COVID-19. Bravo and we look forward to what you will create in the future.

2020 Winners
Congratulations to November's Teen Inventor!
All About Corona
by Tirth Vora

16 year old Tirth from India, who aspires to be a great technological innovator, created this versatile app to make his contribution to help his fellow citizens during the COVID-19 crisis. Keep up the great work Tirth!

Congratulations to November's Adult Inventors!
Coronavirus Help 2020
by David Taylor,Trevor Bing, Doris Clarke & Peter Clarke

Charity worker David Taylor from United Kindgom and his collaborators from the over 70's group in his charity created this great app to provide a lot of useful information about the pandemic in multiple languages. What a great example of collaboration for computational action!

Congratulations to October's Teen Inventor!
by Samyak Shrimali

15 year old high school student Samyak from the USA created this very thorough and multifaceted app to address the many needs people face during the pandemic such as diagnostics, prevention, getting real time updates, etc. We are very impressed, keep up the fantastic work Samyak!

Congratulations to September's Young Inventor!
Corona Tracker
by Vatsal Sharda

10 year old Vatsal from the USA, who loves programming, created this app to help people track the COVID-19 cases worldwide. Keep up the great work Vatsal!

Congratulations to September's Teen Inventors!
by Jayant Talwar, Sam Lu, Nathan Dang and John Oh

15 year old high school student Jayant and his collaborators Sam, Nathan and John, who are from the USA, are very passionate about coding and Computer Science. They created this app to help people in the USA find out about the most serious COVID-19 cases in counties close to their location. Bravo team, impressive work!

Congratulations to July's Teen Inventor!
COVID-19 App
by Haroune Barkat

17 year old high school student Haroune from Algeria created this wonderful app to spread awareness about COVID-19, to test people's knowledge of the disease and to offer basic diagnostics. Keep up the great work Haroune!

Congratulations to June's Young Inventors!
Covid-19 Warrior
by Akshaj Singhal

11 year old children's book author Akshaj from India became passionate about creating apps during the lockdown and created this extensive app to spread awareness about COVID-19 in an interesting and simple manner.

Good Vibes
by Pratham Paarth

8 year old 4th grader Pratham from India created this lovely app to generate positive vibes with India's ancient Vedic chants to help with the pandemic effort. Enjoy the wonderful sounds!

Corona Comic Quiz
by Navneet Vibin

12 year old 7th grader Navneet from India created this wonderful app using educational comics and sounds he collected from the internet to create awareness about COVID-19 pandemic and to teach how to remain safe without fear. You are in for a real treat!

by Prayanshi Garg

12 year old 7th grader Prayanshi from India created her first app during the pandemic to learn about app design and to contribute towards COVID-19 awareness. We are very impressed.

Congratulations to June's Teen Inventors!
Fight COVID-19
by Sneha Shankar
19 year old undergraduate student Sneha from India created this comprehensive app to help people during the lockdown period. The brilliant app has a login feature and contains games, quizzes, COVID-19 information and connection to helplines and emergency numbers. Bravo Sneha!
by Aishwarya Radhakrishnan Nair, Anagha Nair and Avleen Kaur
17 year old high school students Aishwarya, Anagha and Avleen from Singapore are passionate about helping their communities and bringing change through technology. They created this amazing app to connect those in need with those who volunteer to help them.
by Navjot Singh
13 year old 7th grader Navjot from the USA, who dreams about becoming a software engineer some day, created this multifaceted app to aid his community during the pandemic.
Movement Tracker
by Saatvik G Subramaniam
14 year old 9th grader Saatvik from India created this clever app to facilitate contact tracing without having to worry about privacy concerns. It is impressive how powerful a simple idea can be.
Corona Chat Bot
by Aadyoth Shweta
15 year old Aadyoth from India used the Speech Recognition feature of App Inventor to create an interesting app and to create awareness in his community about the Coronavirus.
by Shubham Prasad

14 year old Shubham from India created this app to be of help to his community during the pandemic. His use of Google Doodles is a nice touch.

Congratulations to May's Young Inventors!
CovidClear India
by Manas Goel

New to coding, 10 year old Manas from India created this great app for people to assess their symptoms and risk as well as raise awareness about the deadly COVID-19.

Corona Fighter App
by Levi

11 year old Levi from India created this wonderful app to help his fellow citizens during the pandemic.

Be aware, Keep others aware
by Aunam Dosaj

11 year old Aunam from India created this lovely app to spread awareness and help stop the spreading of illness all over the world.

Know the Corona
by Nikhil Lemos

11 year old tech enthusiast Nikhil from India created this thoughtful app to inform people about the pandemic situation and update them on the latest COVID-19 news.

We Care
by Amaya Goel

9 year old Amaya likes creating new apps and games. She has done very well with her Coronavirus app that prompts the user with questions to help determine if they may have the illness.

by Darsh Raheja and Jyoti Shreer

10 year old 6th graders Darsh and Jyoti from India created this interesting app to give out general information on Coronavirus. The app also has fun games related to social distancing.

Acha Coro
by Vansh Reshamwala

10 year old Vansh from India created this adorable app -using his own voice- to give information about the ways of preventing Coronavirus, to share data about infection cases over the world, to inform about the lessons the pandemic taught us and to thank the heros who are making a difference.

Fighting COVID19
by Akshaj Singhal

11 year old Akshaj from India created this thoughtful app to spread awareness about COVID-19. The app allows setting reminders to wash hands, has a video about a DIY mask and much more.

Congratulations to May's Teen Inventors!
Coronavirus Tracker
by Daksh Pari

16 year old 12th grader Daksh from India created this great app to allow the users get real time statistics related to COVID-19 at the global level and for each country.

by Risha Suvarna

14 year old 8th grader Risha from the USA created this app to keep children engaged during the quarantine. The app is part quiz and part game and brings awareness to preventative and hygienic behaviors -including practicing social distancing- in an easy and fun way.

by Diego Pappalardo

14 year old tech enthusiast Diego from Italy created this app to help his fellow Italians during the pandemic. The app allows the user to have access to important contact numbers, to view official sources of information and much more.

by Waiheke High School Digital Technology 1 Class

Liam, Adam, Fionn and Brent from New Zealand created this app for their fellow citizens to help with the hand-washing process during the lockdown.

Aarogya Shakthi
by Dhruv

15 year old Dhruv from India created this fun app to give positive and helpful messages to its users in a game format.

Congratulations to May's Adult Inventors!
COVID-19 CD Alerte
by Djibril Binga
Assistant Data Manager Djibril from the Democratic Republic of Congo works in a health research center in his community. He created this wonderful app to help his fellow citizens learn about ways of protecting themselves during the pandemic.
Covid19 Stay Safe
by Oscar

Secondary school teacher Oscar from Spain created this fun game app to remind his students of the importance of washing their hands.

Congratulations to April's Young Inventors!
Virus Killer
by Bethany and Ice Chow

12 and 14 year old sisters Bethany and Ice from Hong Kong created this wonderful app to motivate the users to keep themselves and their living environment healthy and clean through defeating virtual viruses with their points accumulated in the game. The app includes a series of facts to keep users informed about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Last but not least, the app has a location tracker function in which users can record the places they went to previously and know if there have been serious outbreaks in the areas they have visited, and carry out the necessary precautionary measures.

Congratulations to April's Teen Inventor!
by Prajwal NH

13 year old 7th grader Prajwal from India created this astonishing app as an expression of his passion for social service in hopes that a free-to-use and user friendly app could have a large impact on the minds of people to understand the seriousness of this outbreak. The app brings people having symptoms of COVID-19 to the notice of the government through a database and collects data from other certified sources to bring awareness to people about the virus.

Congratulations to April's Adult Inventors!
by Marco Perrone
Developer Marco from Italy created this versatile app to share some important information regarding COVID-19, show the status of Coronavirus in the world with charts and even help the user find a Hospital nearby in case of an emergency.
Corona Today
by Mohammed Yahia
Technical writer Mohammed from Egypt created this thoughtful app to help people stay updated about the numbers of COVID-19 cases around the world.
TAMIZATE contra el COVID-19
by Team Peru Contra COVID-19
Daniel Condor, Cender Quispe, Umbert Lewis, Kevin Montañez, Anthony Bacilio Ruiz, as part of the Biomedical Informatics Unit in Global Health - UPCH and members of Team Peru Contra COVID-19, created this app to support the screening of COVID-19, and to decongest health systems, providing simple and clear information.