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2020 Year in Review - App Inventor Development

This year we had a total of 199 commits to the App Inventor open source repository, which included 88 commits from 27 contributors external to MIT. We performed thirteen releases this year including seven companion updates. This is two more contributors than last year. Welcome to everyone new this year...


Earn an MIT App Inventor certificate from MITx!

MIT and edX are collaborating to offer official certificates that demonstrate basic proficiency in creating apps with MIT App Inventor. To earn a certificate one must pass a 90-minute online certification exam developed by the MIT App Inventor team. The cost of the exam is $49 USD. Please click here for more information and to register.


MIT App Inventor for Promotion of Sanskrit - an Ancient Language

sanskrit workshop promotion


A Look at Component Usage in MIT App Inventor

We recently analyzed App Inventor projects present in the system as of September 2019. The snapshot we used contained 42,734,420 projects (as of 2020-11-03, we now have over 54 million projects in App Inventor). This analysis focused on components to help us better understand where most effort is put into...