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App Inventor at FOSDEM 2024

I recently had the pleasure of attending FOSDEM 2024 in Brussels, Belgium last week. FOSDEM is a gathering of people contributing to free and open source software hosted at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). While primaily focused on Europe it draws people from around the world. This year, Peter Mathijssen, an App Inventor Power User, and Bart Mathijssen, a contributor to App Inventor on GitHub, helped organize two tracks: FOSS Education Software Devroom and FOSDEM Junior.


Listen: How AI will Shape the Future of Education with Hal Abelson

CSAIL Professor Hal Abelson has a long history of looking at the importance of Computer Science education and helping shape its future. Listen as he joins Kara Miller in conversation to discuss how AI will shape education moving forward.


AltruBot: A Pocket-Sized College Essay Advisor

Daunted by college applications, 17-year-old Angel Nicole V. Iniego turned to ChatGPT to create an accessible and affordable college essay advisor. AltruBot is an app that generates outlines for college essays. Using MIT App Inventor’s drag-and-drop blocks and ChatBot component, she brought the concept to life in the six weeks she was at MIT.


MIT App Inventor at Maine State Prison

Maine State Prison Cohort 1 Certificate Ceremony

Mind, Hand, and Heart: MIT at Its Very Best.
During Spring 2023, App Inventor team offered the Introduction of Mobile Computing and Artificial Intelligence course at Maine State Prison. The project was supported by a grant from the MIT Office of Experiential Learning and a cohort of 18 residents earned their certificates of completion.