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MIT RAISE's Day of AI curriculum empowers K-12 students to collaborate on local and global challenges using AI.

Day of AI invites students to examine the intersection of AI and various disciplines, such as history, civics, computer science, math, and climate change. With the curriculum available year-round, more than 10,000 educators across 114 countries have brought Day of AI activities to their classrooms and homes.


Blockly Summit 2024 Recap

App Inventor contributors at Blockly Summit 2024

Last week I went to Mountain View, CA to visit our friends on the Google Blockly team and to speak about the work we have been doing at App Inventor on generative AI, both in how block environments can invoke generative AI models as well as using generative AI models to code with blocks. Click the link to learn more about the event.


National Winning App: The Journey of Four Seventh Graders from East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Four middle schoolers realized their dreams of creating a winning mobile app and earning a trip to the nation’s capital. Jayden Mclean, Jayden Byfield, Tristan Hitchins, and Florentz Macguffie (Left to right) won first place in the 2023 Congressional App Challenge for their app “SurVive.”


Chalk Radio: What’s Worth Making? with Prof. Hal Abelson

In this episode, Professor Abelson reminisces about his early experiences in computer science and discusses the importance of computer education for everyone — especially children. Fundamentally, Abelson believes that computer scientists need to confront not only the technical challenges of designing new systems, but also a deeper, humanist question: “What, in fact, is worth making?”