App Building Guides for the Youth Mobile Power Series

MIT App Inventor and YR Media (formerly Youth Radio) have teamed up to present the Youth Mobile Power series. YR teens produce stories highlighting how young people use their phones in surprising and powerful ways. Meanwhile, the team at MIT is continually enhancing App Inventor to make it possible for users like you to create apps like the ones featured in YRs reporting.

Essentially: get inspired by the story, get busy making your own app! (Learn about the winners of the 2019 Youth Mobile Power App Challenge who were inspired by the YR Media stories to create their own apps.)

As part of the Youth Mobile Power series, MIT App Inventor has developed a series of App Building Guides to help you get busy. Here is our list of guides and corresponding experience levels. Note that the instructions will appear in the left sidebar of the App Inventor environment. Just follow the steps to make your own app!

Mood Ring (Beginner)

Mood Ring invites teens to track how they are feeling using any combo of nine emojis, and to reach out to trusted others when they are having a rough time. Inspired by YR Media stories Only Smiling on the Outside: Teens Hide Depression and Could Your Next Therapist Be Your Phone?

Translation App (Beginner)

You're challenged with creating an app that could act as an aid for immigrant parents who need a little extra help in English-speaking situations. Inspired by YR Media story What It's Like to be a Translator.

Snapchat Remix (Intermediate)

Make an app that can take a photo and set it as the background, draw different-colored dots and lines on the photo, and sends the photo to your friends. Inspired by NPR story Snapchat Goes Public In Largest Tech IPO Since Alibaba.

Don't Get Faked (Intermediate)

Create a quiz app that can test a user's ability to detect if a story is fake or not. Inspired by YR Media video and online quiz.

Sound Library (Intermediate)

You are challenged to create an app that captures, stores and plays sounds. Inspired by YR Media story and videos Making Beats on the Street with Found Sounds.

My ToDo List (Intermediate)

Keep on top of your to-do list, by creating an app where you can add and remove tasks from your list. Inspired by YR Media video on bullet journaling.

Opinion Poll App (Intermediate)

From creating a poll on Instagram to dropping in your ballot, the ability to vote comes with great responsibility. Use this guide to create a voting app that empowers others to exercise their voices, share their opinions, and display results.

DIY Book Club (Advanced)

Create an app that lets you and your friends write and share reviews of your favorite books. Inspired by YR Media's story about audiobooks on Youtube.

Map the Movement (Advanced)

You're challenged with creating an app that shows what's happening on Twitter in any given location on a map. Inspired by YR Media's interactive tracker of student led action.