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Crafting the Building Blocks of Accessible Code

What if I told you that my job is to program a programming language that helps other people learn programming? Sounds meta but it’s true! I work as a software engineer on Google’s Blockly project, which is a free, open-source library for creating block-based programming languages.


The App Inventor Summer Camp I Wished I Had as a Child

Student Booth at Camp

The summer camp at St. Paul's Co-educational College in Hong Kong was all about coding, innovation, sustainability and a dash of friendly competition. The theme was to promote and improve double-decker trams, the greenest public transport in Hong Kong.


Education's New Era in AI: Cultivating Young Innovators ft. MIT App Inventor

The MIT App Inventor is not just a tool; it is a movement that fundamentally disrupts traditional narratives of tech. By offering an intuitive, visual programming environment, it enables everyone—especially children—to develop fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.


App of the Season Winners Tackle Community Issues with Innovative Apps

Winning submissions address drug overdose, human trafficking, and more using cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT and IoT. The five winning entries of the inaugural App of the Season competition—AI REI, COMBEE, Avid Reader, Found, and Smart Medicine Dispensing System—developed innovative mobile apps to tackle local issues in their communities.