Setting Up App Inventor

You can set up App Inventor and start building apps in minutes. The Designer and Blocks Editor run completely in the browser (aka the cloud). To see your app on a device while you build it (also called “Live Testing”), you’ll need to follow the steps below.

You have four options for setting up live testing while you build apps

If you are using a smartphone or tablet device and you have a wireless internet connection, you can start building apps without downloading any software to your computer. You will need to install the MIT App Inventor companion app on your iOS or Android device. Choose Option One below. This choice is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

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If you have a Android-capable Chromebook, choose Option Two below.

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you will need to install software on your computer so that you can use an on-screen Android emulator. Choose Option Three below.

If you have an Android device but do not have a wireless internet connection, you’ll need to install software on your computer so that you can connect to your Android device over USB. Choose Option Three below. The USB Connection option can be tricky, especially on Windows. Use this as a last resort.

Build apps with your iOS or Android device using a WiFi Connection (preferred): Instructions

If you have a computer, a smartphone or tablet, and a WiFi connection, this is the easiest way to build and test your apps on the device.

Option Two
Build apps with a Chromebook: Instructions

Many Chromebooks are capable of running Android apps. That lets you build and run the finished app on the same device.

Option Three
Don't have a device? Use the Emulator: Instructions

If you dont have a phone or tablet handy, you can still use App Inventor. Have a class of 30 students? Have them work primarily on emulators and share a few devices.

Option Four
No WiFi? Build apps with an Android device and USB Cable: Instructions

Some firewalls within schools and organizations do not allow the type of WiFi connection required. If WiFi doesnt work for you, try USB.

System requirements

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Computer and operating system


Phone or Tablet (or use the on-screen emulator)

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