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URBAN Txt Students Using App Inventor

Aug 30, 2013 joanie's Blog

The URBAN TxT (urban Teens eXploring Technology) program seeks inner-city south L.A. students from 7th to 11th grade with an interest in technology and exploring more about. Many of these kids have parents who didn't attend college or even graduate high school. The URBAN TxT program has been incredibly successful....

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App Inventor Boot Camp in Western Mass

Aug 26, 2013 joanie's Blog

App Inventor Boot Camp was a summer professional development experience for teachers to learn MIT App Inventor, a free visual blocks-based programming system for Android mobile devices that can be used to teach computer science concepts through the creative design of apps for smartphones and mobile devices. In this hands-on...

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Want to Contribute to App Inventor’s Educational Resources?

Aug 9, 2013 joanie's Blog

We'd love to share your tutorials or other resources with the App Inventor community. To get started creating your own tutorials, check out the How To Create Your Own Tutorial page. If you'd like to create a Concept Card, use our Concept Card template. For these and...

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Chicago Summer of Learning features App Inventor

Jul 16, 2013 joanie's Blog

This summer of 2013, thousands of young Chicagoans will continue learning while school is out, thanks to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuels citywide Chicago Summer of Learning initiative, the largest coordinated summer learning effort in the country. Summer of Learning will specifically focus learning activities around science, technology, engineering,...

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