Teaching App Creation with MIT App Inventor - Daniel Wendel Interview

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Interview & Questions on Using Computers in the Classroom

In this unit's pedagogy strand, we hear from Daniel Wendel, lead developer for StarLogo TNG and the brand new StarLogo Nova, as well as program manager for Imagination Toolbox. He spoke with us about some of the techniques he's learned for using computers in classrooms & computer labs in his years of professional development and in-classroom work.

Reflection Questions

  1. Which techniques that were mentioned in the video do you already use?
  2. Which, if any, techniques that were mentioned will you add to your toolbox?
  3. What tips do you have that weren't mentioned in the video?


Additional Issues to Consider

  1. What limitations do you face that would prevent you from using any of the techniques mentioned in the video?
  2. How could you work to overcome those limitations?
  3. How can you go about learning more techniques for good teaching with computers (or other technology)?


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