Developing Apps to Learn Quantum Computing with App Inventor

By Prof. Fujio Yamamoto

Although a practical quantum computer has not yet been completed, it is predicted that it will have a huge impact on society, so research and development on quantum computing at companies and universities is increasing. I have used App Inventor to develop numerous apps for learning the basics of quantum computing. The purpose is to enjoy computations using a small number of qubits, as easily as using a scientific calculator. But that's not all. If you create your own app, such as quantum circuit simulator, even on a small scale, your. understanding will definitely deepen. I would like to introduce the efforts I have made with this in mind.

imulating Quantum Computuing with App Inventor

First, I created an app that allows you to see what the most basic single qubit is. In other words, it is a simulator app for quantum bit operations that correspond to operations on classical bits. Next, I developed a quantum circuit simulator for quantum algorithms that use two or three qubits. In fact, I tried solving several quantum algorithms using the simulator. Finally, from a different perspective, I have also developed apps that make it easier to understand the operating principles of individual algorithms that take streams of large numbers of qubits as input.

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