Executives from IRODORI, Inc. Visit App Inventor to Discuss Their Work in Broadening Social Impact

Executives from IRODORI, Inc. came to the MIT App Inventor office on May 9, 2024, delivering an excellent presentation on their work expanding their educational initiatives, including Wagamama College (MIT App Inventor Training Program), DX High School initiatives, and tutoring schools for young students. Present for the event was IRODORI Chief Executive Officer Takahiro Yatsu, Chief Policy Officer Ayaka Nagai, Chief Strategy Officer Hitomi Kurosu, and IRODORI Advisor Masao Ishihara, MIT Expert Trainers in Educational Mobile Computing.

Linked here is a PDF file of the presentation they gave. IRODORI, Inc. is a social innovation company in Japan, striving to co-create meaningful social impact by collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including municipalities, private companies, and local citizens.