Pre-Summit Workshop: Linked Data Hackathon with Punya Framework

Want to learn how to quickly create and consume data in mobile apps? Join the Linked Data Hackathon Challenge at the MIT App Inventor Summit and learn to use our Punya Framework to generate and use datasets on the fly. Punya is an extension to MIT App Inventor that incorporates Linked Data technologies and cloud services. It provides features that can (1) enable automatic generation of structured data from mobile apps, (2) consume real-time and static datasets from crowdsourced and existing open data sources, and (3) send real-time push notifications to alert target audience. Details on the framework can be found at Punya Tutorials and the framework is available at 

Mobile app proposals are required in order to attend the hackathon. Proposals should describe (i) the functionality of the mobile app, (ii) its use of the Punya Framework, and (iii) the datasets it is consuming such as those available on City of Boston and DBPedia. Participants should clearly outline the purpose, functionality, as well as a plan to implement the proposed mobile app. Proposals should be a minimum of 2 pages and contain at least 1 cited dataset. On the day of the hackathon, MIT researchers will help teams implement the proposed mobile app using Punya. Cash prizes totaling $1000 will be given out to Best Mobile App, Best Proposal, and Best Use of Open Data.

When: Hackathon on Wednesday, July 16th, from 10am to 6pm

How: Submit Mobile App Proposals by Friday, July 11th @ 11:59pm EDT, 

Where: MIT Media Lab - 6th floor