Google in Education New England Summit Half-Day App Inventor Bootcamp

Computer Science For Everyone (App Inventor in EDU) (1/2 day) In this hands-on workshop, participants will develop Android apps using MIT App Inventor 2, a blocks-based programming language for building fully-functional mobile apps. App Inventor programs are constructed by dragging and dropping components into an interface designer, and then describing the behavior of the components in a blocks-based programming environment. While an app is being built, it can be tested in live development mode on an Android device connected to the computer via wireless or a USB tether. App Inventor meets students where they are: in the ubiquitous, hand-held, immersive environment afforded by mobile technology. Educators universally report that students are drawn in by the wow factor of being able to create their own apps with meaningful utility that can be shared with friends and family. The workshop will introduce participants to computational concepts relevant to mobile apps: event-based programming, location awareness, social computing, persistence and sharing, and leveraging the sensors and actuators of mobile devices. The workshop will also present pedagogical materials (lessons, tutorials, assignments) and approaches. A laptop and gmail account are required for this workshop. Participants can borrow Android devices to use during the workshop or use their own Android devices. Those bringing their own device should do the setup ahead of time. ( For more information, and to register, visit the link below.