YouTuber Tutorials! - Week of December 7, 2015

Dec 8, 2015 ryan's Blog

Introduction to MIT App Inventor 2


If you are completely new to MIT App Inventor 2, Startandfly has a video that aims to introduce you to the program and its basic functions. In this introductory video, a brief description of the design tab and the blocks tab is provided before taking you through some simple steps to create a very simple app. The final part of the video details how to test, save, and export apps. Very handy tutorial for first-timers!



MIT App Inventor Basics


TeenCode has another introductory tutorial to MIT App Inventor 2. This video establishes the basic components of the program’s layout, exemplifies a few of the most commonly used aspects of the app, and a brief description of the blocks function. Throughout the tutorial, a simple app creating a button with text to speech is created to guide users through the creation process.

Stock Market App


David Wolber has a handy video tutorial on how to utilize information pulled from a website within MIT App Inventor 2. This video teaches you how to build an app that specifically deals with viewing information related to Google’s stock the Stock Market. The video comes in two parts: the first part teaches how to get your app talking to an API, and the second part goes into greater detail on how to organize the content of the app. Be sure to check out both videos!