YouTuber Tutorials! - Week of November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2015 ryan's Blog

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YouTuber Tutorials - Week of November 16


Componentes Sound e Clock


To continue our promotion of YouTubers that don’t only cater to the English speaker, here’s a YouTuber posting videos in Portuguese. Antnio Mansilha has been posting many tutorials over a short time period recently, with simple yet silent videos guiding users through a few simpler processes. If you’re a Portuguese speaker just getting started with MIT App Inventor, be sure to browse his channel!


One of his most recent videos details how to utilize a clock within your app, as well as how to add sounds. Both of these functions can be incredibly useful for many different types of apps, so take a look!



A Tutorial Tutorial - Windows


User mister mac doesn’t have any tutorials directly teaching anything about MIT App Inventor, but they did post a helpful video for anyone interested in optimizing their tutorial-using skills. The video entitled Using App inventor with Tutorials is meant to aid those who may wish to optimize the efficiency of their window-switching while utilizing a tutorial and simultaneously building your app. This video is most helpful for users without dual-monitors or a printer as it’s meant to aid those with only one screen, and you should know this tutorial uses the Windows platform and may not be as pertinent for Mac.



Story Generator


Digital Ether is an MIT App Inventor user who shared a fun little tutorial for an app that randomly generates a story. The app uses a randomizer for general pieces of a story--including location, situation, and event in his example, but he encourages you use as many pieces as you like--to produce a simple, general idea for a story.


This app includes many functions useful for other apps, such as the randomizer, using lists, taking advantage of the “global” mechanics, changing text of labels, and utilizing buttons. Right now, AppInventor Stories is Digital Ether’s only upload, but we are hopeful they will upload more soon!