YouTuber Tutorials! - Week of November 9, 2015

Nov 10, 2015 ryan's Blog

Barcode Scanner


For our Spanish-speaking audience, we have a YouTube channel that teaches its lessons entirely in Spanish. Curso de App Inventor 2 has here a playlist of videos teaching how to use the barcode scanner component to check the seating capacity of a movie theater. The owner of the channel will definitely be posting more tutorials in the future, so if you’re a Spanish speaking App Inventor, be sure to follow Curso de App Inventor 2 on YouTube!


The Dodge Game


If making games is your schtick, Scott Ferguson has a tutorial you may be interested in. This tutorial leads you through the process of creating a game in which you control a dot that must avoid contact with other dots moving around the screen randomly. This game will keep track of points, move dots around a canvas, allow you to control a dot, and detect collision, so get ready for an in-depth tutorial with lots of useful tips and tricks that can be useful for many other apps.


Scott’s got a few other tutorials on his channel so be sure to check those out as well!


Magic 8 Ball Tutorial


Ben Lewis decided to use one of MIT App Inventor’s tutorials from our main website and create a larger, more in-depth video to help out anyone who may have been having trouble following the steps without watching someone do it themselves. This app will emulate a magic 8 ball and provide wise answers to any question with a simple shake of your mobile device.


Don’t forget to check out his other videos, since he has a couple of other tutorials already posted!