YouTuber Tutorials This Week!

Oct 19, 2015 ryan's Blog

List Randomizer, Item Deletion, and Reloading Tutorial


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts, you know I recently created a personal app for my musical projects to introduce myself to MIT App Inventor, and that one of the functions I was utilizing was the list randomizer function. I wanted to make sure the list never provided the same answer twice, and doing so took quite a long span of experimentation, trial, and error.


Well, as of October 6, 2015, there is now a tutorial on YouTube thanks to azaotl that explains a much better method than my roundabout newbie one. The video is concise and teaches how to make a list randomize, how to make the list not use the same item twice, and how to reload the list, which is exactly what I needed to do for my app! If only this tutorial had been around when I was making my app.


Color and Transparency 


Another aspect of my Hilltop Sunset app that took a good deal of time and testing was the color scheme. YouTuber Bo Kalvslund made a great tutorial on how to adjust colors, and even create transparency, which is useful when importing your own background image. This can give your app something new and different to help it stand out from other apps!


Redirecting to a Website


If you can tolerate the silence, YouTuber Iann Nehc has a tutorial for connecting to specific websites. This was useful for me in my app, since I have a main webpage and really wanted to have easy access to it while using the app, just in case. This function within MIT App Inventor can be useful for any app that includes information from the internet, including content creators that may want users of their app to access portfolios, galleries, or other public information.