MIT App Inventor + Internet of Things Release

Jun 19, 2017 mark's Blog

MIT App Inventor is excited to announce the release of a new expansion to App Inventor that will allow you to design, create, and interact with the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things refers to interfaces between everyday objects and the Internet, opening up a universe of new applications, smarter devices, and wider opportunities. This is an exciting new step in the MIT App Inventor universe - now you can engage with IoT as a creator, not just a consumer, even if youve never programmed before.

With MIT App Inventor + IoT, you can develop IoT applications the same way you develop any other MIT App Inventor mobile apps. Now you can program devices, sensors, appliances, instruments, robots anything that can be connected. Not only that, you can incorporate smartphone capabilities into your IoT creations. If you build an app that turns a light on and off, you can make the light respond to voice commands. If you build a heart rate monitor, you can store the results on the Web or email them to trainers. If you program a mobile robot, you can add geolocation to the robots sensing abilities.

To find out more and get started, you can check out our tutorials, examples, and even some great projects created by inventors just like you at