YR Media publishes In the Black Mirror

May 21, 2020 karen's Blog

black mirror collageIn the Black Mirror: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Race, Art and the Apocalypse” is a dynamic set of interviews between young people from YR Media’s youth-led newsroom and some of the biggest minds in A.I.: Alexis Madrigal, Deb Raji, Sam Lavigne, and Rachel Thomas. The project explores A.I. as a shaping force of the 21st century, with the potential to streamline processes, predict behavior, unlock new forms of creativity, and exacerbate some of humanity’s worst traits, like bias and violence. Our premise: the YR Media community is the next generation of A.I. creators and users. We need to understand the technology, embrace its potential, insist on its ethical application, expose its harms and tell its stories.