Lyra Blizzard Logan Publishes App Inventor Book

Nov 27, 2019 karen's Blog

MIT Master Trainer Lyra Blizzard Logan has just published a new book, entitled Learn to Program with App Inventor. The book breaks down each project into logical steps, lists the components you'll need, and then shows you how to create screen designs, control program flow with conditionals and loops, and store data in variables and lists. Once you've tested the app on your phone, you can test what you learned with challenges at the end of each chapter.

Lyra, certified as an MIT Master Trainer in 2017, is Executive Vice President & General Counsel of the Florida Education Fund (FEF), a non-profit that creates and implements educational programs for underrepresented groups. In addition to handling legal matters, Logan is FEF's web applications and database developer and directs FEF's pre-college programs, which include after school and summer STEM camps for Florida middle and high school students. Logan developed and helps design curricula for an expanding strand of those camps known as CodeMasters, where undeserved youth learn computer programming and computational thinking within the contexts of robotics, game design, web design, and mobile app development and also prepare to earn tech certifications. Logan trains instructors to teach curricula developed or selected for FEF programs, empowering them to later teach even greater numbers of students to code at high-needs Florida schools during the regular school year. Logan is a certified JavaScript and Database Design Specialist and holds graduate certificates in Instructional Technology: Web Design and in Online Teaching and Learning. She earned her B.A. from Fisk University and J.D. from Harvard.