Changes in the new MIT App Inventor Gallery

Nov 13, 2020 jeff's Blog

This weekend’s release will introduce the new MIT App Inventor Gallery.

This Gallery runs on a separate set of servers then the MIT App Inventor app creation site. It will have the look and feel of the MIT App Inventor website. There are several benefits to this new Gallery you can read about them here.

All projects in the old Gallery will be copied over. However information about their authors will not be copied over. You will still be able to view apps written by the same author as the one you are looking at, but the information about the author will not be there by default. We are doing this for privacy reasons as this new Gallery may be visible to other instances of MIT App Inventor.

However, if you are an author of an App in the Gallery, you are welcome to publish your information. Once logged into the New Gallery you will see a link to your “Account Information” near the top of the listing of Apps in the Gallery. There you can view and change your information. For now this includes your name, your e-mail address and an image if you choose to upload one. You can also choose to publish this information or keep it private (so only MIT App Inventor staff will have access).

If you choose to publish your information, a link will be added to each of your projects linking to your author information page.

When you send an App to the Gallery, or update it, you can select whether or not to publish your App. Publishing your App means that it will show up in the listing of all Apps, both by name and most recent update. More importantly, it will permit your application to be found via the Search function of the Gallery). If you do not publish your App, you can obtain a “permanent” link to the Apps information. Even if you do not publish your App, you can share this link with friends and they will be able to view and load your App into MIT App Inventor.