App Inventor Community Gallery from UMass-Lowell & USF Seeks More Beta Testers

Oct 19, 2012 andrew's Blog

Our friends and co-developers of the App Inventor Community Gallery have been hard at work and are seeking more beta testers to load test, test the usability, and as importantly, to populate the Gallery with a range of interesting apps. The App Inventor Community Gallery is a site for sharing the code for apps you create, finding and learning from the apps built by others, and in general collaborating with other App Inventor developers. It is like Google Play, but all open source and all App Inventor apps. The Gallery is currently in beta-release. It is being developed as a collaborative project involving UMass-Lowell, the University of San Francisco, and MIT. Its initial development was led by Fred Martin and Derrell Lipman of UMass-Lowell. USF, led by David Wolber and Vincent Zhang, is now leading the development in collaboration with Martin, Lipman and Paul Geromini of UMass-Lowell. The team is improving the site and gradually scaling it up for use by the thousands of App Inventor users, students, and educators. The goal is to open the site publicly by the end of 2012.