Compatible Devices for AI Extensions

The extensions developed for using Artificial Intelligence features in MIT App Inventor, specifically the LookExtension and PersonalImageClassifer extension require running image classification directly on the mobile device, and not all mobile devices/operating systems currently have the required hardware/software to run the code.

If your device is not on the list below, we recommend testing your devices before attempting this in a classroom setting. Please download and install LookTest.apk. If the status at the top reads "Status: Ready!" then the LookExtension and PersonalImageClassifier extensions will work. If not, you won't be able to run apps made with these extensions. If it works, you can try classifying some objects by pointing the device at an object and pressing the Classify Object button.

If you successfully run one of our AI extensions on a mobile device, please fill out this form to add to our database of compatible devices below.

So far, we have identified the following device/OS pairs for which the extensions will work.
Tablets Phones

Another less expensive option is to use a Chromebook, as most will support the LookExtension. In addition, many Chromebooks now support running Android apps, so the MIT AI2 Companion can be installed directly on the Chromebook, and students can run the App Inventor IDE and the AI2 Companion on the same machine.