App Inventor Collaborator CoolThink@JC Awarded ISTE Seal of Alignment

Oct 9, 2021 angie's Blog

App Inventor Collaborator CoolThink@JC Awarded ISTE Seal of Alignment

Congratulations to the CoolThink@JC project for receiving the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)! CoolThink@JC is among a selective list of 27 other high-quality student resources, including BrainPOP, Google CS First, and Microsoft Fundamentals.

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“The curriculum was found to provide a quality learning experience and aligned with many indicators of the ISTE Student Standards at the Foundational level,” noted the ISTE panel in the report. “Proven learning strategies are incorporated in lesson plans such as pair programming and peer feedback.”

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CoolThink@JC is a collaboration between MIT’s App Inventor team, The Education University of Hong Kong, and the City University of Hong Kong, sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It encompasses a set of Scratch and App Inventor curricula targeting grades 4-6 focusing on computational thinking. Its principal mission is to inspire digital creativity and prepare students for a fast-changing digital future.

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The ISTE Seal of Alignment reviews are conducted by a panel of education and instructional experts.


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