CSTA 2015 - Blocks-based Programming: Toolboxes for Many Occasions

Presentation slides

1. StarLogo Nova:

1a. IPWIT: ~15 Hours of Instruction Resources: PD: https://ipwit2015.eventbrite.com (1-day intro) 1b. Project GUTS Resources: http://www.projectguts.org/ PD: https://goo.gl/mHcGvO 1c. Imagination Toolbox PD: https://it2015.eventbrite.com (One-week, in-depth)

2. TaleBlazer

2a. TaleBlazer Documentation

3. GameBlox

Find in-line help once you register for and start using GameBlox.

4. MIT App Inventor:

4a. AppInventor.org 4b. Educators Community (Contribute your resources) 4c. Resource Sheet 4d. Mobile Computer Science Principles: