Setting Up App Inventor

Set up App Inventor to test your app while you build (also called "Live Testing"). Check out the four options below:


Test your apps with an iPhone or Android phone
and a Wi-Fi connection: Instructions

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If you have a computer, a smartphone, and a Wi-Fi connection, this is the easiest way to create and test your apps. Simply install the MIT App Inventor companion app on your phone and test your apps through a Wi-Fi connection.

Option 2
Test your apps with a Chromebook: Instructions

Many Chromebooks are capable of running Android apps. That lets you create, test, and run the finished app on the same device.

Option 3
Don't have a device? Test apps with an emulator: Instructions

If you don't have a phone or tablet handy, you can still use App Inventor by installing the emulator software on your computer. Have a class of 30 students? Have them work primarily on emulators and share a few devices.

Option 4
No Wi-Fi? Test apps with an Android device
and a USB Cable: Instructions

Some firewalls within schools and organizations do not allow the type of Wi-Fi connection required for App Inventor. If Wi-Fi doesn't work for you, try USB (Android only).

Now, make your first app!