Frequently Asked Questions by Educators

Please refer to the general App Inventor FAQ for questions not specifically related to education >

Do my students need to have Google accounts?

App Inventor users on ai2.appinventor.mit.edu need to have Google accounts. The login authentication and storage for projects is linked to a Google account. But students don't need to use that account for any purpose other than App Inventor.

If you are doing a single lesson or event using App Inventor, you can use our Hour of Code server, code.appinventor.mit.edu. This server allows users to log in without a Google account. When logging in, a return code will be displayed for the user. The user should copy and save that return code in a safe place, because projects created cannot be retrieved once the user has logged out without the return code.

Can I have my students all use the same account?

App Inventor is not set up to deal with multiple users of a single account. With multiple users creating projects simultaneously, the information for the different users will interfere and the projects will become inconsistent and possibly corrupt.

Do I need to provide mobile devices for all of my students?

App Inventor offers the ability to develop using the Android emulator that shows up in a window on the computer screen. Using the emulator isn't as good as a physical device, because students can't carry their apps around with them. Also, the emulator may not have the full features of all the App Inventor components, such as sensors. But using the emulator does mean that you can run a class with only a few devices (or even no devices). Students can develop on the emulator and then load the apps on the device for final testing and demonstrations.

Is there curricula available using App Inventor?

There are shared resources, including curricula, for education available at the App Inventor for Educators Resources page.

We also encourage everyone to join and participate in discussions on our community site. Go to Groups, and request to be added to the " Teach App Inventor" group. Educators can also share ideas, lesson plans, activities, etc through the community platform.