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Mobile CSP French version

French adaptation of the Mobile CSP website

Developing Android Apps with App Inventor (Coursera)

Developing Android Apps with App Inventor is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to give students hands-on experience in develo

Mobile Computer Science Principles Course

Mobile Computer Science Principles (Mobile CSP) is an endorsed provider of the Advanced Placement Co

App Inventor Maker Cards: Quick Start Guides

This set of cards can be used in a workshop or a "Maker Faire" type of event. They give quick tidbits of code for building mini-apps with App Inventor.

Curriculum, Tool, Tutorial
Making Mobile Apps (6.S192, Spring 2015) Hal Abelson, MIT

The goal of this project is to provide a foundation for mobile app creation.

Computing, Mobile Apps, and the Web (CS 107) David Wolber, USF

Taught by Professor David Wolber at the University of San Francisco, this course offers an introduction to computer science for non­majors with little prior programming experience.

App Inventor Concept Cards

App Inventor Concept Cards provide a quick way to learn new App Inventor code and concepts. Each of the 13 cards can be printed out, folded in half, and used to prompt students to explore a concept in App Inventor such as timers, sounds, movement, math, multiple screens, making colors, etc. These cards are designed to introduce ideas to students in bite-sized snippets and can be worked into any lesson or tutorial.

Curriculum, Tutorial
Dutch App Inventor Curriculum

Eindhoven University of Technology graduate students Robin Eggenkamp, Coen Crombach and François Vonk developed these course materials for App Inventor.

CS Principles for High School Teachers (Scratch + App Inventor)

This 4-week summer graduate course "CS Principles For High School Teachers" was offered during the summer of 2012 to math teachers enrolled in John Carroll University's graduate program.

Introduction to Software Application Development with App Inventor and Python

Professors Linda Seiter and Victor Lee developed this introductory computer science course that starts with App Inventor and then transitions to Python. Visit the course website to view daily lessons, weekly 2-hour labs, and homework assignments.

Middle School Tutorials: Ball Bounce App

Middle School teacher Richard Incorvia has put together some simple, easy-to-follow tutorials for teaching App Inventor to students. These can be used with older students as well.

Android Game Development with App Inventor, by Anshul Bhagi

In his master's thesis Anshul Bhagi examines App Inventor game development. First he discusses the interest students have in developing graphically appealing, interactive single-player and multiplayer games using App Inventor. Bhagi then segues into a discussion of how the App Inventor team at MIT can prepare for the imminent growth of the App Inventor game development community. Accordingly, this thesis looks at where App Inventor currently stands with respect to game development and how its game development capabilities can be improved and extended.

Curriculum, Paper
Technovation Challenge Curriculum

This 10-part curriculum is designed to engage high-school girls in entrepreneurship and programming. The first five sessions focus on specific concepts and "hacks" or tutorial walk-throughs, while the last five sessions are dedicated to designing and building an App for the final "pitch night" competition.

Combination Curriculum of Robotics and Mobile Phone in Primary Education Level with Graphical Programming Environment

Robots have proved effective in support of play-based teaching activities, especially at the primary education level. With the rapid improvement of the smart phone, we found many useful functions which robots can benefit from smart phones. ... [The authors] briefly discuss about the combination of robots and mobile phone applications in primary Education Level and as well how graphical programming environment is employed to improve students’ learning performance.

I Love My Smartphone: Mobile App Development V2

This curriculum is part of a new series of Computer Science curricula for the Scottish education system. Aimed at students in middle and high school, this material provides a course in programming for mobile devices, and it explores new paradigms in Computing such as mobile technologies and new interfaces, whilst providing ample opportunity for inter-disciplinary linkage. Exercises are provided with sample answers and there are many additional activities which can be used to both broaden and deepen the topic. The materials offer suggestions for fostering computational thinking and making learning more engaging for students.

App Inventor Code Snippet Cards

Anshul Bhagi, as part of his thesis, created this deck of 20 cards, each containing a bite-sized snippet of blocks code to help students learn programming concepts through App Inventor.

Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab: An Emerging Curriculum

We are Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab, a 2010 winner of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning global competition.

Inventing Mobile Apps, Taught by Lyn Turbak at Wellesley College

This course teaches how to create apps for mobile devices as a vehicle for learning big ideas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship and explore technology's impact on society.

Computing with Mobile Phones, Taught by Ralph Morelli at Trinity College

In this course, students learned how to access the world of mobile services and applications as creators, not just consumers. They will learn to create entertaining and socially useful apps that can be shared with friends and family. In addition to learning to program and how to become better problem solvers, students will also explore the exciting world of computer science from the perspective of mobile computing and its increasingly important effect on society. This course is similar to and borrows from Dave Wolber’s course. Lectures and homework assignments are mapped to the App Inventor book. Students maintain portfolios of their work. In addition, it is one of several CS Principles pilot courses and maps the course materials to the CS Principles curriculum.

Building Mobile Applications, Taught by Hal Abelson at MIT

Three years ago, it was rare for non-professionals to implement mobile applications. Even two years ago, building a working app was an intensive semester-long project.