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Unlocking Smartphone Data for Educational Use in Teaching and Learning Environment

Authors: Fuming Shih and Weihua Li
Abstract. We address the challenges of applying smartphone data to improve the
experiences of teaching and learning in the university environment. Specifically, we cre-
ated a framework to collect, monitor and analyze student behavioral data and increase
social interactions for educational uses. The framework has three essential components.
The first component is App Inventor, a web-based platform with drag-and-drop tools
for novices to create mobile apps that collect personal and environmental data. The sec-

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Chinese App Inventor Site

This hub for people in China to learn about and use App Inventor was started by a group of Chinese App Inventor fans in 2010. The founders strongly believe App Inventor has unlimited possibilities and bright future. The site offers videos, tutorials, a technical discussion forum, and much more.

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