Post-Intro-Tutorial Discussion

This worksheet will help students solidify the concepts introduced in the first two lessons. Have students work in pairs or small groups to answer the questions. Post-Intro-Tutorial Discussion Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group, jotting down notes while you discuss. Later, enter your answers on a portfolio page. 1. App Inventor has two main windows. What are they and what do they do? 2. a. How do you test an app while you're developing it?     b. What if you wanted to use your app away from the computer, or make your app available to a friend. How do you do this?     c. What if you didn't have a phone, but wanted to program some apps. Could you? How? 3. The tutorials ask you to rename components in the Component Designer, different from their default names. Why is this important? 4. In an app Inventor app:     a. What is a component?     b. What is a property?     c. What is an event?     d. What is an event-handler?     e. What is a "call"? 5. For the HelloPurr app, name the:     components:     a few properties:     events:     event-handlers:     calls to functions: 6. Some calls to functions require arguments (also known as parameters). Which calls in HelloPurr require arguments? 7. In the PaintMe app, name the:     components:     events:     event-handlers:     calls to functions: 8. In PaintMe, there are arguments for some events. How are event arguments different than arguments that are part of a call to a function? How do you use them? 9. In PaintMe part 2 you define some global variables.     a. What are the variables you define?     b. How does an app change the value of a variable? How does an app access (look at) a variable?     c. What is the purpose of global variables-- why are they necessary? Credit: David Wolber, USF
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