Step 4A-2.1 - Installing Updated ADB software

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If you are using one of the more recent versions of the Android operating system, version 4.2.2 or newer, you will need to also upgrade a program on your computer from the version included with App Inventor setup, or else you wont be able to connect to the phone with the USB cable. Look here for some background.

If you are using App Inventor with the USB cable, and you are using a device with Android version 4.2.2 or above you should:

  1. Find the folder where the Appinventor Setup software was installed, and locate the "adb" program (also called "adb.exe" on Windows)
  2. Download the new version of the "adb" program appropriate to your operating system.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file and replace the existing adb program with this new version