Difficulty: intermediate
Lesson Type: other
Subject: computer-science
Grade Level:
  • undergraduate
  • masters-and-above
Authors: Fuming Shih and Weihua Li
Abstract. We address the challenges of applying smartphone data to improve the experiences of teaching and learning in the university environment. Specifically, we cre- ated a framework to collect, monitor and analyze student behavioral data and increase social interactions for educational uses. The framework has three essential components. The first component is App Inventor, a web-based platform with drag-and-drop tools for novices to create mobile apps that collect personal and environmental data. The sec- ond component is Reactive Data Store, an intuitive mechanism that connects multiple data sources and automates the tasks for analyzing personal data. The third compo- nent is a push notification mechanism that delivers personalized or group messages as the results of the real-time analysis and triggers more actions accordingly. Together, these components will transform people's campus experiences by unleashing the values of smartphone data. Lastly, we introduced the framework to a group of teachers in higher education with a focus group discussion to identify the plausible use cases in terms of performance assessments, pedagogy design and collaborative learning.
In Book Title: Smart University Workshop in Eighth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context, November 2013