Difficulty: basic
Lesson Type: paper
Subject: computer-science
Grade Level:
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • undergraduate
  • masters-and-above

App Inventor Classic • App Inventor Classic • App Inventor Classic • App Inventor Classic

This information pertains to App Inventor Classic.   It is obsolete and is being kept here for historical reasons.    Information about the updated merger tool (for App Inventor 2) can be found here.
Developed by Kate Feeney of Mills College, the AI Merger Tool, allows multiple users to develop screens for the app in different projects on different or the same accounts and later merge the two App Inventor projects together. This tool will be very useful for classroom projects, and to anyone developing an app with a partner. Related Reading: Encouraging Collaboration: AIMerger Tool, thesis by Kate Feeney ABSTRACT: App Inventor is a free, open source application that permits people with any level of programming background to create software applications for the Android operating system. At the time of its open source release, it lacked important resources for supporting collaboration: documentation for source code contributors and technological support for users developing apps in a group environment. To address these issues, I added a property to an existing component and then created detailed documentation about the process for future developers. I also created a tool for merging multiple projects, which will encourage teamwork by allowing multiple users to code separately and then combine their work. These contributions will increase collaboration among users as well as developers of App Inventor. Download the AIMerger.jar file Download the AIMergerDocumentation for more detailed instructions on how to use the AIMerger tool.