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MIT App Inventor: Enabling Personal Mobile Computing

Authors: Shaileen Crawford Pokress, José Juan Dominguez Veiga
PRoMoTo 2013 Proceedings (arXiv:1309.5509)
October 2013

MIT App Inventor is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool for designing and building fully functional mobile apps for Android. App Inventor promotes a new era of personal mobile computing in which people are empowered to design, create, and use personally meaningful mobile technology solutions for their daily lives, in endlessly unique situations. App Inventor's intuitive programming metaphor and incremental development capabilities allow the developer to focus on the logic for programming an app rather than the syntax of the coding language, fostering digital literacy for all. Since it was moved from Google to MIT, a number of improvements have been added, and research projects are underway.

Grade Level: 

  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Undergraduate
  • Master's and Above

Difficulty Level: 

  • Basic


  • Computer Science

Resource Type: 

  • Paper