Difficulty: advanced
Lesson Type: curriculum
Subject: computer-science
Grade Level:
  • masters-and-above
Resource URL: MT 513 Scratch and App Inventor Course for Teachers
This 4-week summer graduate course "CS Principles For High School Teachers" was offered during the summer of 2012 to math teachers enrolled in John Carroll University's graduate program. The course material is available online. Professor Linda Seiter writes: "We spent the first week on Scratch and the remaining 3 weeks covered App Inventor. The final project required each teacher to develop a lesson in either Scratch or App Inventor that they would potentially use to help them teach a math/computing topic to their high school students. Links to their lessons can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/jcu.edu/mt513/project/student-project-links They each got to teach their lesson in class the last week of the course."