Custom TinyWebDB Service

Creating a Custom TinyWebDB Service

TinyWebDB is an App Inventor component that allows you to store data persistently in a database on the web. Because the data is stored on the web instead of a particular phone, TinyWebDB can be used to facilitate communication between phones and apps (e.g., multi-player games).

By default, the TinyWebDB component stores data on a test service provided by App Inventor, . This service is helpful for testing, but it is shared by all App Inventor users, and it has a limit of 2000 entries. If you use it, your data will be overwritten eventually.

For most apps you write, you'll want to create a custom web service that isn't shared with other App Inventor apps and programmers. You need not be a programmer to do so-- just follow the instructions below and you'll have your own service within minutes.

To create your own web service, follow these instructions:

Congrats, you've now made a webpage for your app. But your app is not yet on the web, and thus not yet accessible to an App Inventor app. To get it there, you need to upload it to Google's App Engine servers.

Your App Inventor apps can store and retrieve data using your new service. Just do the following: