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What's Happening with the original version of App Inventor?!

 The orange "Create" button at the top right of every page of this site links to App Inventor 2.
To get to App Inventor Classic, click the Invent button to the right. (Only available on this page!)

As of December 3, 2013, links to App Inventor 1 on the Web page were replaced by an introduction to App Inventor 2. But App Inventor 1 is still here, and your App Inventor 1 projects are still here. You can find them at the same site as always--

The original App Inventor (now called "App Inventor Classic") and App Inventor 2 are not the same system, and projects downloaded from App Inventor Classic cannot be loaded in App Inventor 2.

App Inventor Classic is now obsolete. People starting new projects, and especially teachers developing curriculum and launching new classes should use App Inventor 2, not App Inventor Classic.

Apps built with App Inventor Classic continue to run, in general, and projects can still be edited and created on the App Inventor Classic Web site. But some older App Inventor Classic apps already cannot run on newer Android devices, and the frequency of this might increase with continued changes in Android and Java. As of now, you can fix such an old app by rebuilding it on the App Inventor Classic web site.

MIT is continuing to run the App Inventor Classic server, but we will not be fixing bugs or responding to requests for new features. We have not set a date for closing down the App Inventor Classic service, and we have no plans to do this before spring 2015. On the other hand, continued changes to Java by Oracle may make it increasingly awkward, or even impossible, to use App Inventor Classic, and MIT has no control over these changes.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use the original version? We will keep App Inventor Classic running, hopefully through Spring 2015. But people teaching classes and creating new apps should use App Inventor 2.

How do I get to App Inventor Classic, the original version? Bookmark this page ( or bookmark the server ( The supporting materials (documentation, tutorials, etc.) for this version can be found at

Can I transfer my projects? Projects downloaded from App Inventor 1 cannot be loaded in App Inventor 2. MIT plans to provide a tool to help transfer projects from App Inventor 1 to App Inventor 2, but it won't be available before spring 2015. Even when it is available, it won't produce a complete automatic translation: You'll probably need to do some hand modification to the result of the tool.

I have AI1 apps in the Play Store. How can I update them if I switch to AI2? First, you'll need to build AI2 versions of your app and package them to produce APKs. In order to use those APKs to replace the AI1 versions in the Play Store, you'll need to make sure they are signed with the same key as the AI1 versions. Download your android.keystore file from AI1 and upload it to AI2. That way, new apps you create with AI2 will have the same key as your AI1 apps.

Advice for teachers

Teachers should not be using App Inventor Classic. If you are, you should switch to AI2 now.
See the Teacher's Guide to App Inventor 2 for more information.

Links to App Inventor Classic

App Inventor Classic Supporting Materials & Documentation

App Inventor Classic Service (where you go to build apps)