MIT Master Trainer at Texas Charter School Association Conference

Oct 21, 2016 karen's Blog

Suzan Dalgic MIT Master Trainer from Harmony Public Schools had a great session of Mobile Education - MIT App Inventor at Texas Charter School Association Conference on October 12, 2016 in Austin, TX. She introduced MIT App Inventor to the other Texas charter school administrators. She talked about the importance of teaching a block programming language to the students before text-based programming languages and why schools should teach mobile programming to their students. Suzan believes that The mobile programming is the future in the development of new and great experiences for students, which will make everyones life easier. She gave some examples from her last year students, and she said that It was amazing to see how students were excited when they completed an application. Students told me that they go home and upload their application to their device and show it to their friends and people around them. Suzan also says that MIT App Inventor is a perfect tool to teach Mobile programming to the students. Students can see what they are doing in real time. Also if they want, then they can publish their Application on the Google Play Store. MIT App Inventor is also had Bluetooth feature since June 2016, and you can make an application to control almost anything, such as Arduino projects, Raspberry Pi, and servo motors (if you connect them to Arduino). We should offer mobile programming education to our students and based on my experience I can say that MIT App Inventor is the best tool to teach mobile programming."