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An easy way to add a bar graph to your app in App Inventor

This is a guest blog by MIT Master Trainer Clark Hochgraf

You can create a simple bar graph in App Inventor using a button and a vertical arrangement. In the image below, the blue bar is a button whose height percent is set by the slider.

To create the bar graph, add a VerticalArrangement on the Designer Tab. Configure the vertical arrangement as follows:

  • AlignHorizontal to Center
  • AlignVertical to Bottom
  • Height to 50%
  • Width to 14%

Next, place a Button inside the vertical arrangement. The button should appear at the bottom of the VerticalArrangement.

  • BackgroundColor to Blue
  • Width to 10%

Next, place a Label inside the VerticalArrangement and position it so that it is below the Button.

  • Height to 4%
  • Text to “0”
  • TextAlignment to Center