Guangzhou Education Information Center(GEIC) Stages App Inventor Robot Contest

Jun 3, 2016 karen's Blog

This is a guest blog by Zanjian Li, from the GuangZhou Education Information Center

On May 8th, the Robot Competition for Primary school and Secondary School Students of Guangzhou 2016 was successfully held by the Guangzhou Education Information Center (GEIC). 305 teams from 166 schools participated in the competition. The competition consisted of 15 different programs, such as App Inventor Robot Contest, Robot Designing, FIRST LEGO League(FLL), Robot Football, Robot Basketball etc.
The highlight of the competition was the App Inventor Robot Contest, which was designed by GEIC and was the first contest combining App Inventor and robotic technology in China. The theme of the contest game was Getting the treasures on the map. In the game, the players needed to assemble a small robot without a controller, design a controller app using App Inventor, download and install it onto a cellphone, then fix the cellphone on the robotic chassis, to make a fully working robot. The cellphone directed had to execute the task automatically, including finding the path on the map by color blocks, searching for the QR code(treasure), scanning it, and sending the scanning result to the cellphone of judges.
The Contest is a part of plan by GEIC to promote the use of App Inventor in China. GEIC spent months in preparation for the App Inventor Robot Contest; they saw the contest as one of the follow-up measures from the Memorandum of Understanding between MIT and South China University of Technology (SCUT) signed in 2015, and hopes 0the contest will be a good example for other cities. The contest also drew the interest of several news media outlets in China - the Guangdong TV station and some local newspapers reported on the contest. 5?8?? ?????????????2016?????????????????????????166????305????????????????15?????App Inventor?????????????????????????????? ?????????App Inventor????????????????????????????????App Inventor??????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????App Inventor????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????App Inventor????????????????????????????MIT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????