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New Release (nb154) coming next Friday

This coming Friday, January 27th, we will be releasing version nb154
of MIT App Inventor.

This is a component release, which means that it updates the
component software used on devices by MIT App Inventor developed
applications. Most of the changes are bugfixes or updates needed to
make MIT App Inventor compatible with the latest version of Android.

There is one new feature, the “ShowListsAsJson” has been added to
Screen1. This property, when set, will result in list structures being
displayed in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) instead of Lisp
structures. This property is only visible on Screen1, but effects all

By default this new property is not set. However at a future date new
projects will be created with it set to true (existing projects will
not be affected).

Because this is a component release, there will be a new MIT AI2
Companion released at the same time. The current Companion (version
2.39) will continue to work, but you will need the newer version
(currently planned as 2.40) in order to use the “ShowListsAsJson.”

The release is scheduled for January 27th at 10PM US Eastern Standard
Time. That is 2017-01-28T03:00:00Z (aka 3AM on Saturday, January 28th,