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New Release Coming (nb147)

We will be deploying a new release of MIT App Inventor on Thursday
afternoon on February 18th (2016-02-19 02:00:00 UTC). The details are
in the Release Notes (DRAFT).

This release adds new Components and Features to MIT App Inventor
and we will be deploying a new Companion App along with the
release. However the current Companion (version 2.35) will continue to
work, but new features will require an upgrade.

If you have downloaded the Companion from the Google Play Store and
set it to auto-update, the update should be seamless.

However if you “side loaded” the Companion, or are using the
emulator, then you will need to update the Companion manually. We will
not be triggering an “Auto Update.” So people running classes on
Friday the 19th will not get a surprise when they attempt to use the
emulator in class. We have added a new menu choice under the “Help”
menu (you won’t see it until the release) which will permit you to
upgrade your companion “on the fly” on a schedule of your
choosing. Again, if you downloaded the Companion from the Google Play
Store, and auto-update is set, you will get the upgrade without having
to take any action.