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Beginner Tutorials: Short Videos to get started

With these beginner-friendly tutorials, you will learn the basics of programming apps for Android.

App Inventor is a free, cloud-based service that you access using a web browser.
Log in with a Google account (Gmail or school email tied to Google) to start inventing right away!

To see your app on your phone as you build:
     • Follow the instructions to connect your phone to App Inventor on your computer..
     • If you hit any snags, we're here to help!
     • If you are Android-less, never fear, you can use the on-screen emulator!

Teachers: Get support and tips for using App Inventor with your students.

Is YouTube blocked in your school? See these videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube

Making Mobile Apps with App Inventor

Follow these four short videos and you'll have three working apps to show for it! After building the starter apps, which will take around an hour, you can move on to extending them with more functionality, or you can start building apps of your own design. Get started now with Video 1 below.

1. TalkToMe Text-to-Speech App

2. Extended TalkToMe App: Shake!

Text to Speech is surprisingly fun. Find out for yourself with this starter app that talks.
View Tutorial as Text & Images (PDF)

Make it do tricks! How about if the phone responds to shaking, and also speaks any phrase you give it?
View tutorial as Text & Images (PDF)

3. BallBounce Game App

4. DigitalDoodle Drawing App

Fling, Flang, Flung? Whatever you call it, bouncing the ball around the screen is pure fun.
Follow this tutorial in Text & Images (PDF)

Who needs paper? Doodle all day on your phone's screen.
Follow this tutorial in Text & Images (PDF)

Is YouTube blocked in your school? See these videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube

Trouble with the Text-To-Speech player on your phone? Get help here.

Download PDF versions of the Tutorials

TalkToMe Part 1 TalkToMe Part 2 BallBounce Digital Doodle

Extending Your Initial Apps

You just made some pretty cool apps! But now the real fun begins: try turning TalkToMe into a Magic 8 Ball; turn BallBounce into a Mini Golf game, take DigitalDoodle to the next level by adding colors and incorporating pictures as backgrounds in PaintPot. The possibilities really are endless!
See the full collection of Tutorials for more ideas.

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Tutorial Difficulty: 

  • Basic

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  • Drawing Canvas
  • Game
  • Accelerometer