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App Inventor UROP Opportunities Fall 2018

Research areas of interest for the Fall 2018 semester include:

Artificial Intelligence with App Inventor

  • Build computer vision extensions to App Inventor using Google's Tensorflow.js
  • Sentiment analysis of speech and text
  • Build voice control actions with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and App Inventor

Internet of Things for App Inventor

  • Build extensions to interact with RC car, drones, and robots
  • Harness microcontroller platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to build distributed sensing applications

Web API Interoperability and GraphQL

Develop and evaluate new functionality for App Inventor to interface with remote data sources, such as JSON-based REST APIs and GraphQL endpoints
Pending release of Dictionaries (JSON) support

Debugger for App Inventor Companion

Implement a basic debugger for the MIT App Inventor companion app to provide students with the ability to pause and inspect application state

App Inventor Project Analysis Tools

Build on existing tooling for analyzing App Inventor projects both within and between subjects to develop a better sense of how people learn with App Inventor, build with App Inventor, and how we might improve App Inventor to support more complex projects

User Interface Research

  • Implement changes to the App Inventor interface and evaluate their effects through user studies
  • Make it easy for kids to create apps with high-quality interfaces and a modern look

Department/Program: CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Hal Abelson
Direct Supervisor: Dr. Evan Patton

To apply for a position, please send an email with the subject line ‘App Inventor UROP’ to Evan (

) and


  • which position(s) you are interested in
  • a current resume if available, and/or a brief description of relevant interests and experience
  • an estimate of your availability (hrs/week)
  • a few times when you're available for a 20-minute interview